I was just thinking…

One liners (and some one and a half liners) from scribblings over the last four years.

Technology will not change the world. Everyone having a voice and a choice will change the world.

The cerebral and the physical do not exist alongside the spiritual as partners, they radiate out from it.

Patriotism is past its sell by date. Now it’s more about hating your neighbours than loving your country.

I’m not going to try and save the planet. It’s so big. I’ll start with the garden and work outwards.

Sums won’t save the world, no matter how fast you work them out!

Smugness dulls aspiration.

Religions cause wars in the same way schools cause fights in the playground.
Scrap schools and no more playground fights. Simple!

Democracy is a mere mewling babe and we all know what babies do. They grow and mature – messily!

Religion makes a rubbish sport because the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

I can always spot the ungodly – they want to blow my light out!

Parents who want their children to have jobs that will make them very rich have ambition. Parents who want their children to be fulfilled in every way have aspirations.

They called Nelson Mandela a terrorist but they were errorists.

Make the world a better place – stop using difference as a measuring tool.

If you must be frightened and amazed by sensational occurrences go to a cinema, not a place of worship.

Is there a link between spirituality and beards? I can’t find one.

Myth: Never happened.
Mystery: Happens all the time.
Serendipity: Only the cheerful spot it.

Life rule number one; Good, bad or indifferent – there will be consequences.

Planet United – support your local team.

I saw some oranges fighting bananas to establish which was the true fruit?

To ruminate or be ruminated? That’s the other question.

The end of the world is nigh – only three billion years to go.

If I was asked to save the world I’d get shopkeepers to help me. They want people to stop fighting and buy stuff.

The world’s religions are all the same. They are all nouns.
(Full version of this; ‘When my eight year old grandson was interviewed on television about the world’s religions he stated that they are all the same because they are all nouns. The interviewer moved on but had he been allotted more time he could have gone on to explain that religion is not a set of congratulatory adjectives, airbrushing our being or peremptory adverbs beatifying our virtues. You are it. See-it’s a noun!’)


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